Gather common wisdom and achieve coordinated development

2022-06-02 14:50

Recently, a grand signing ceremony between Ningbo Water Meter (Group) Co., Ltd (NWM Group) and Chengdu Huijin Industrial Development Co., Ltd (Huijin Industrial) was held to formally sign the capital increase agreement of Chengdu Huijin Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd.

water measurement industry

NWM Group has been focusing on the main business for many years, deeply cultivating the water measurement industry, actively guiding the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and comprehensively extending the smart water business; while Huijin Industrial has been accelerating its water business under the leadership of Chengdu Environment Group for years, transforming and upgrading, and vigorously extending the industrial chain, it has provided services for many water supply and drainage enterprises in China and established good cooperative relations, laying a solid foundation in its business camp. This cooperation means that both parties stand in their respective advantageous territories, gather common wisdom, pool core technologies, integrate business concepts, and strive to allow Chengdu Huijin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to expand into the market, become a player with core competitiveness in the market, and play a greater role in innovation leadership. In the end, both parties will further realize mutual interweaving and sharing of resources in various aspects such as market expansion, customer resources, and technology research and development, coordinated development, deepen cooperation content, enhance cooperation value, and officially open a new stage of common development.

smart water

Along with the establishment of Chengdu Huijin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., it will walk on a new development path with the high-standard construction requirements and operation management model of a modern enterprise. NWM Group and Huijin Industrial will also jointly inject strong vitality and blood into the joint venture company so that the joint venture company will stand on a higher basis to open up new territories and respond to new opportunities and new challenges with stronger competitiveness.

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