• High Accurate Electromagnetic Flowmeter EMF

High Accurate Electromagnetic Flowmeter EMF

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High Accurate Electromagnetic Flowmeter EMF

Electromagnetic flowmeter(EMF)

The name : Electromagnetic flowmeter(EMF)
Product Description
Ø High accurate with reliable performance
Ø Zero maintenance long service terms
Ø large, bright and easy-to-read LCD
Ø Low pressure loss
Ø Easy installation
Ø Various options for data remote reading 
NWM Model: EMF
Model : EMF

Application Area:

Electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) could  measure the flow of all kinds of conducting liquid such as drinking water, drainage, mud, paper pulp, and variety of beverage, chemical material,viscous liquid and suspended matter etc.
The measuring results of EMF are unaffected by the physical characteristics and working conditions of the medium such as temperature, pressure, density, conductivity .
EMF is seasoned with strong caustic and worn medium very well.
EMF has excellent measuring range ratio, which is suit for the application area(for example: drinking water industry) with low flow rate and wide flow range.
Measuring both forward/reverse flow.
Remaining high accuracy over long life-time, intelligent design,easy operation.
No additional pressure drop.

Installation Requirements

A length of more than 5 times of nominal diameter(5D) inlet straight pipe and 2 times of nominal diameter(2D) outlet straight pipe should be installed when EMF is installed on the pipe that meets the 90°  syphon,T-pipe, convergent pipe, clearway valve.Under other conditions such as other valves, divergent pipe, a length of more than 10 times of nominal diameter(10D) inlet straight pipe should be installed. If there's chemical material that's infused into up stream of the pipe, the EMF should be installed at the position where the medium has been mixed uniformly.

Transition Unit Data

Flow Display : Show the data of forward and reverse flow, instantaneous flow,percentage flow, flow speed etc.

Electric Output: 4~20mA 

Safety Class: IP65 

Communication Interface:RS485(MODBUS-RTU  MODBUS-ASCII) HART USB interface, downloading the historical data, with the computer software analysing the data displayed.

Working Power Supply:85V~265VAC  or  24VDC(0.5A)
Accuracy:    ±0.2% ±0.3% ±0.5%

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