• New Design Compound &Combination Water Meter

New Design Compound &Combination Water Meter

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New Design Compound &Combination Water Meter

Compound &Combination Water Meter

The name : Compound &Combination Water Meter

Product Description

. Inductive register for improved output performance and security
. High turndown ratio with long working life
. Highly accurate bulk flow metering for applications with large variations
. Designed to maximize revenue collection
. Both in-line construction and separate construction as option for easy installation
Model : WPC

NWM WPC Compound (Combination) Meters utilize a turbine type meter on the main flow line and a proportionately sized meter on the low flow bypass line. A change over valve controls the flow of water through the appropriate measuring device. Before the valve opens, all water flows through the low flow meter. As pressure rises the valve opens, allowing water to flow through both meters. Movement of the measuring elements is transmitted to drive magnets, which transmit the motion to driven magnets located within hermetically sealed registers. The magnets are connected to gear trains, which translate the rotations into volume totalizators displayed on the register dial faces.

NWM WPC Compound (Combination) Meters consist of a main case, turbine measuring element, changeover valve housing, main case cover, multi-jet type meter, and magnetically driven register assemblies.

NWM WPC Compound (Combination) Meters with magnetic transmission, dry type register for Commercial and Industrial application has the sizes from Dn50 to Dn200 (only has Dn80 and Dn100 for WPCB) designed by NWM and meets to the international standard of ISO 4064 Standard.

All the materials in contact with water, consciously selected by the known resistance to corrosion;
Iron body with inside and outside epoxy coating for protecting the corrosion;
The  ROTATING  indicator  register  of  the  main  meter  for  the  most  comfortable  reading position;
The copper can super dry register of the main meter with IP68 protection;
The interchangeable, removable measuring mechanism of the main meter can be easy removed from the body for checking, maintaining and replacing, no needs to dismantle the body form the pipe;

Lower Pressure loss;
No effected by external magnetic fields;
Pulse output AS OPTION.

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