After-sales Service

Adopt the way of unified management of the headquarter and localization of  localized station services (currently only in mainland China). The details are as follows:

1 We have a strong technical service force, the current customer service center has 100 service engineers.

2 We have a maintenance spare parts library, if any of our product failed, and can not be eliminated within the corresponding specified time, we will provide backup product with the same or higher specifications and model grades of the faulty product for use until the faulty one is repaired, providing sufficient spare parts guarantee for after-sales technical support and the normal operation of users.

3 In case of emergency, the headquarter dispatches engineers from the service center or other offices for support.

Service functions: 

product online upgrade, on-site technical support, metering selection planning, user application training, engineering construction and installation, professional maintenance.

Service Process:

Question feedback (telephone consultation/online feedback) → contact with the responsible person → online answer + on-site investigation → question archive and continuous analysis and attention

Customer Service Hotline:+86-574-88195820



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