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No Mooving Parts Oscillating Meter

Brand :NWM

Product origin :NINGBO CHINA

Delivery time :25 days after order confirmation

Service :OEM

The name : Oscillating heat meter
Product Description
No moving / mechanical element. 
Unaffected by grit or particulates. 
Does not measure air flow. 
Outlasts more than conventional mechanical water meters. 
Remain high accuracy over life-time. 
Clear and easy to read LCD display. 
Model name OSMR
Model : OSMR

Working principle
Digital Flow Meter uses the principal that jet flow has coanda effect in the oscillation chamber with special structure to control flow’s feedback, and in this way to make the jet flow switch between the two feedback channels. Oscillation frequency is proportional to the rate of flow, so if the oscillation chamber structural parameter is determined, a measure of total flow is derived from the measured Oscillation frequency.


•    No moving / mechanical element.
•    Unaffected by grit or particulates.
•    Does not measure air flow.
•    Outlasts more than conventional mechanical water meters.
•    Remain high accuracy over life-time.
•    Clear and easy to read LCD display.
•    Least count: 0.01 Litre

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